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Why you shouldn't pour your leftover Xmas baileys down the sink
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff

Why you shouldn't pour your leftover Xmas baileys down the sink

This could result in a big mess!
12 January 2023 10:05AM

Raise your hand if you received a bottle of festive Baileys in your Christmas stocking this year. 

The creamy liquor is a staple gift among many kiwis, but if you’ve accidentally left yours out and open on the bench for a while then hold on before you go pouring that down the drain. 

A water company in the UK has said “Something like Baileys, which has a cream content could add to problems. No one likes a nasty surprise over the festive season and a blocked drain is no different."

“This is the time of year where we do see an increase in blockages, and so many of these can be easily avoided. Blocked sewers can cause flooding to homes and unclogging them can take a lot of time and effort."

Not only will pouring leftover cream-based drinks or oily liquids create an awful odour, but it can also wreak havoc on your drains.

 "As these items take longer to break down, they get stuck in the sewer system, blocking the drain pipes. This causes blockage and can even result in the pipes breaking” 

"The substances can no longer flow through your drain swiftly and can get caught and stuck in the drain with other non flushable objects. This can result in drain blockages."