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Dyson is releasing a new floor cleaner that does a two-in-one job on your wet and dry messes
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff

Dyson is releasing a new floor cleaner that does a two-in-one job on your wet and dry messes

Getting the chores done "in one go"? Yes please.

Dyson is expanding its range of technology with the launch of the new wet floor cleaner. 

Available to order from the 28th May, the WashG1 is their first-ever dedicated wet floor cleaner that works on both wet and dry messes “in one go”.

They believe they have all your problems sorted with absorbent micro fibre rollers to soak up liquids, separation technology to split the spills from the dirt and hair, plus hydration control to tackle those pesky stains on your hard floors.

Dyson promises hygiene is key with this new gadget. It cleans with fresh water from start to finish - no reusing the same dirty water you just wrung out 10 times. 

Apparently, 1 litre of water in the tank can cover up to a whopping 290 square meters. 

I’m now staring at my floors wondering just how much dirt I slopped around the place while thinking it’s getting a proper clean - I’d hate to know the reality.

Charlie Park Vice President of Dyson Home Engineering at Dyson says: “Most of us vacuum our homes regularly. But whilst wet cleaning is considered a necessary chore globally, many of us don’t know why we do it beyond the vague notion of hygiene.”

With the WashG1, dirty water is removed from the rollers by extraction plates, while nylon-bristled brush bars remove the dirt and debris inside the tool and flick it into a removable tray. 

You won’t need to go anywhere near touching the filth you just mopped up - phew!

To keep things even cleaner between your chores, the tool will launch into a self-cleaning mode after every use by flushing the entire system.

With all the bits and bobs to bippity-boppity-boo your home, the price tag will have you forking out $1099, but I guess seeing your floors sparkle after every clean could justify a spend like that