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Little girl's heartwarming reaction to receiving wig woven with her mum's hair
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The Good Stuff

Little girl's heartwarming reaction to receiving wig woven with her mum's hair

A memory that will be etched in her heart forever!

A video of a little girl named Emily receiving a special birthday gift from her mum has been warming hearts around the world. 

 “Remember you asked me to make a wig out of mommy’s hair?” Emily's mum Amy Hinton can be seen asking her while handing out the present to Emily.

"That’s your wig. Out of mommy’s hair," she added. 

Emily's mum then asks her if she wants to put it on. Very touched by the special gift, Emily goes out for a hug. 

Emily's eyes lit up as she tries the wig that's been woven with her mum's hair. 

Back in 2015, when Emily was just one-year-old, she nearly lost her life from severe burns after a gas exploded in her backyard.

Her grandmother was burning leaves at that time with baby Emily just by her side. 

“She turned around, and Emily was on fire,” Amy Hinton, told WSOC TV. "

"She picked her up and tried to smother the fire. It wasn't going out so she put her on the ground and started rolling her." 

Amy further revealed how Emily had third-degree burns all over her body and she had "clinically died twice" before being saved by the doctors. 

The video of the sweet surprise from Amy to her daughter has now been watched 23.2 million times., getting love from everywhere.

"her eyes n that awesome hug said it all. Emily you look amazingly beautiful... u definitely make me wanna be a better person. thank u for the inspiratiom" one wrote.

"Emily is so beautiful with or without the wig. That is such a sweet gift you have given her," another wrote. 

"this is beautiful. I’m not crying u r," a third wrote.