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44 second poached egg
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The Good Stuff

TikTok chef makes the perfect poached egg in 44 seconds without digging through all your pots

If you're lucky enough to get a carton, give this handy hack a try!

The perfect egg doesn’t exist, well, at the moment it's hard to even find a pack on the shelves, but if you are lucky enough to grab yourself a carton one clever TikTok chef has mastered the trick to the perfect poached egg in 44 seconds.

They are a breakfast delicacy we all aspire to whip up on a Sunday morning. But poached eggs can also be frustratingly easy to get wrong.

In a video posted to TikTok by Dana Gordon (@danarebeccadesigns), she reveals that her mum is now obsessed with the easy egg hack that doesn’t require pulling all of the pots and pans out of the cupboard.

You do need a microwave, but that’s a kitchen staple so you’re good to go, right?

The clip shows Dana’s mum trial the hack for herself, cooking the perfect poached egg in under a minute.

She explains that you’ll need a small Pyrex bowl and crack your egg being careful not to break the yolk - that is crucial!

“Cover with just a little bit of water, just enough to cover the yolk,” she adds before giving it a blast in the microwave.

As for how long to cook the egg, the TikToker suggests 44 seconds, but "It can go between 36 and 45 seconds," she said.

After the egg was sufficiently heated in the microwave, she took it out and the water around it was white in colour.

"Here it comes, the perfect poached egg," Gordon's mum insisted as she lifts the egg out and plated it.

SOURCE: @danarebeccadesigns on TikTok

The moment of truth arrived as the egg was cut in the centre allowing the perfect yolk to ooze out of the perfectly cooked white. 

Looks like we’ll all be giving this one a go once this whole egg shortage is over!