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People shocked after learning the right way to use detergent in your washing machine
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff

People shocked after learning the right way to use detergent in your washing machine

We’ve been using our washing machine wrong
12 January 2023 9:36AM

Getting a new washing machine always leads to a little initial stress. Whether it’s accidentally shrinking your clothes with the new and unfamiliar wash cycles, or even just figuring out how to get the thing going! 

And then we get to the detergent draw… let’s be honest, we all just guess which one to put it in and hope for the best. 

I’ve definitely been guilty of just dumping the detergent into the biggest slot, hoping that was the right one (until I eventually found a clumpy backup of detergent in the back of the draw). 

There are the liquid pouches, powder, liquid, and fabric softener, all of which have a particular place in the detergent draw. 

TikToker Amelia Fleur Yayici confirmed this when she posted a video asking if anyone actually knew their way around the detergent draw. 

Well luckily for her someone did! Ann Russell stitched her video and gave us all the answers that we would’ve known if we actually bothered to read the manual! (if you could find it) 

Each of the little slots should have a symbol on it which Ann has helped us to decode…

“The one with the flower on it is fabric softener.

“The one with the 1 [one] mark on it is pre-wash, and the one with the II [two] mark on it is for the main wash.”

This was quite a surprise to many on TikTok, with people flooding to the comment section: 

“Oh... Well then. I’ve never main washed any of my clothes.”

“Omg I’ve been pre washing it all. No main wash for us hahaha.”

“I thought 1 line meant ‘first scoop’ and the 2nd line meant ‘put another one in if you’re feeling rich’.”