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Family's exciting 'Christmas Cup Game' goes viral
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The Good Stuff

Family's exciting 'Christmas Cup Game' goes viral

A fun game to play with your family this Christmas

A family shared a video of their 'Christmas  Cup Game' on Facebook and it's an exciting game for any age -  perfect to play with your family and friends!

The video has currently been watched 12 million times, and people have shared their excitement to play the game this Christmas. 

Tagging a friend, a viewer wrote, "I’m so doing this Christmas Eve".

To play the cup game,  all you need are paper cups ( you can get green and red ones for the festive vibes), some gifts, and your family. 

On your kitchen table, place all the paper cups upside down and place a gift under some of the cups, and leave some cups empty. 

Some of the gifts that the family had were nail polish, chocolates, and cash. More gift ideas- lollies, fruits, or gift cards. You don't have to place $100 under the cups as the family did, even $5 or $10 is exciting if you're using cash!

After placing them under the cups in secret, if you were the one who placed the gifts, ask one of your family members to shuffle the cups so no one knows what's under the cups.

Next, one by one everybody will get a turn to try their luck to get gifts. 

The family also had one "bad gift" included making it more exciting. The bad gift was a cup filled with shaving cream. The person who got the shaving cream had to put shaving cream on their face like a Santa's beard. 

You may choose to have a "bad gift" by doing something similar or maybe add a small cup of lemon juice for the family member to drink, or a raw egg, so the person who gets it has to crack the raw egg on their head. The list is endless!