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You’ve been cooking mince wrong, here's the secret
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff

You’ve been cooking mince wrong, here's the secret

Here's an easy way to level up your mince
4 November 2022 6:39PM

Many people have been making critical errors in the kitchen, but the proper technique for cooking mince at home has been revealed by an Australian chef.

Brisbane-based chef Mel Alafaci has shared her seven industry tips to cook mince perfectly every time. 

Because premium mince includes less oil and fat than low-grade mince, Mel also suggests always using it over the low-grade. 

Here’s how you should be cooking your mince: 

1. Put the mince in first without any oil
2. Make sure your pan is hot and that the mince sizzles when it hits the pan
3. Don't stir the mince from the start. Get the first layer brown and fragrant before you move it around the pan
4. It will smell like roast beef if you are doing it right
5. A plastic whisk should be used to break down the lumps
6. By browning the meat, you won't need to use various sauces to make it taste delicious
7. Get creative with mince and change the spices, thus changing the flavour

Mel advised getting the pan ‘'just about smoking hot' before adding the mince.

In order to develop the flavour, make sure the meat is just beginning to turn a light shade of brown before stirring. Also, use a plastic whisk rather than a wooden spoon.

“My favourite mince ‘fluffer’ is one of those cheap plastic coated whisks you get at the supermarket that only have about four loops,”

“If you don't have one of those use a strong plastic spoon or egg flip to break down the mince.”

And your meal will need less salt and sauces if you let the meat brown first on its own.