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Wipe away 'months of filth’: Aussie Mum’s game-changing tip to clean your oven
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff

Wipe away 'months of filth’: Aussie Mum’s game-changing tip to clean your oven

One little product has made all the difference!
4 November 2022 1:00PM

We all hate cleaning the oven, but with Christmas on the way it needs to be done in time to have the family over for the roast. 

This Aussie Mum has changed the game, getting her oven clean in under 10 minutes thanks to this simple tip. 

Even with the "eight months of filth" that had piled up, cleaning was a breeze!

Her secret was ‘The Pink Stuff’ cleaning paste with a sponge, and her before and after photos speak for themselves… 

Photo: Facebook / Mums Who Clean

"Paid $9 and used the smallest amount... seriously took less than 10 mins to clean my oven,".

"I used an Aldi sponge and scouring pad, very little pressure and it came off so easily,"

Available at Amazon, The Market, CrackerJack.co.nz, the popular cleaning paste retails for around $7 NZD. 

‘The Pink Stuff’ comes in quite a wide range too, from multi-purpose spray to laundry liquid to a bathroom cleaner, so it might just become your new go-to! 

Photo: Facebook / Mums Who Clean

People across social media seem to be loving it too: 

"It's great stuff! Cleans the shower like a dream," 

"I jumped on this bandwagon and it took 5 minutes and cleaned up like new,"

Even professional cleaners agree: “I swear by all of the pink stuff products, the bathroom spray is amazing!"