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Owner miraculously reunites with pet cat after missing for 13 months
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The Good Stuff

Owner miraculously reunites with pet cat after missing for 13 months

“It’s unbelievable. I still can’t believe it.”
17 November 2022 3:41PM

Last year, because of work  Laëtitia had to move to a new place with her family and three cats. 

Despite taking extra good care at their new location, one of their cats named Cocci went missing in August 2021.  They relentlessly searched for their cat for three months but there was no luck.

In order to stop her children from worrying, she told them that the cat had probably gone to their old home to look for them. Their previous home is around 550kms away from their current location.  

Little did they know, the random excuse Laëtitia created in fact was true.

Last month, Laëtitia saw a Facebook post of a cat being found in a city that was very close to their previous area.

Although the cat "looked completely different", Laëtitia recognized her straight away. 

The unidentified cat was sent to a local vet and was revealed that the cat was 10 years old and had been spayed, exactly like Cocci. 

The mum asked her dad to go identify her, but he was reluctant as he could not believe that the cat had traveled across the country. Eventually, he agreed.

“When he called me that day, I saw my dad cuddling my cat on the video call,” said Laëtitia.

Laëtitia's dad tried calling the cat by different names, but the only name she responded to was "Cocci".

“I was with my daughter. She looked and recognized her and burst into tears," Laëtitia said.

“My son was very skeptical until we went to pick her up. But as soon as we got there, she recognized us straight away.”

Cocci had fleas and worms, was weighing less than a kilogram, and had an infection on her face when they reunited. 

“Since we brought her home, all is going well,” said Cocci’s mom. “She adapted again really well and is very cuddly.”

“It’s unbelievable. I still can’t believe it.”