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Breeze listener shares an achievable way to save money
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff

Breeze listener shares an achievable way to save money

What a brilliant money saving challenge!
4 November 2022 11:10AM

We're all finding a way to use our money efficiently and have also been trying to save during the current cost of living crisis. 

Saving is almost unachievable for some of us with all the prices going up, but with this incredible saving plan used by one of our Breeze listeners, this can help you save about $1378 in a year. 

Robert Scott kickstarted the money saving topic after asking Breeze listeners how they're saving money at the moment. 

"How are you saving $$ at the moment? Robert Scott asked.

In the caption he wrote, "Would love to read your tips!"

Some really incredible ways were shared by the listeners.

One listener particularly had shared a clever '52 week money challenge saving plan' which has helped her save money over the years. The best part is that it is achievable even during this hard time - and it's fun too. 

How listener Debra Crabtree saves:

"I've been doing this one for years, so good, you put in $1 first week, $2 second week etc so $52 is the most you put in and you have $1378 at the end of it unless you break into it."

"I love that the most you pay is $52, you can start it at the other end and pay the $1 last" she said replying to comments. 

Robert Scott then shared this amazing hack by Debra on his Facebook page which gathered  a large number of postive commments, all excited to try out this achievable way to save money.

"A big thanks to Debra Crabtree shared this with us!!! A GREAT way to save money ," Robert Scott wrot along with sharing the photo of the saving plan. 

"What a great idea!!" one listener commented.

" I'm saving for a bathroom Reno. This will help" another wrote.

"Will start this week Robert Scott thank you" a third wrote. 

Listeners who have done a similiar saving have shared their wonderful experience too.

"I have mine stuck on Pantry door, i see it daily, use a hilighter and mark off the amount i deposit (to a saver account) see the paper turn Pink as the savings grow," one listener wrote. 

So there you go, you might be saving $1378 if you try out Debra's way.

And of course, you can always put it an extra dollar or more whenever you can- and that way you'd save even more.