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People are loving this owner's weekly series of 'Pet of the Week'
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff

People are loving this owner's weekly series of 'Pet of the Week'

We love this!
17 October 2022 2:53PM

User @kels_lynn22 on TikTok shared a video from their weekly 'Pet of the Week' video and people can't wait to see the next award.

It has currently been viewed around 2.1 million times. 

"Attention pets of the house, it is time for Pet of the Week" the dad of the family opened the ceremony. 

Three cats and a dog patiently listened to what their dad had to say about them and at the end he revealed who had won the title this week. 

He started off with the dog and complimented his efforts on trying to be a good boy during their walk.

"Calvin tried to be a good boy on our walk but then he barked ferociously at a Shih Tzu which I thought was uncalled for but otherwise he's a pretty good boy" the owner said.

Next up was Flora, the grey and white cat who had been a good girl up until the day of the ceremony.

Unfortunately, that very day she "had some poppy stuck to her butt" . 

"I mean it happens to the best of us, but that's not really her fault, otherwise she's been a very good snuggle girl" he added.

Turning to his black cat who's sitting and quitely waiting for his turn,  the owner says, "Newt has been a very good snuggle boy when I'm at work but he does not want to come on the couch and hang out with us, he just wants to lurn in the shadows and be cute noob". 

Finally looking at his cat who's relaxing on the couch, the owner said, "Max has been such a good boy and such a good snuggler and he's just been so sweet with everybody and giving everybody kisses and because he's been a perfect little gentleman".

"This week's pet of the week is Maximums".

After getting the title of "Pet of the week" Max got the first treat out of everybody. 

Yay go Max for being such a good boy!

Viewers were quick to notice that Max knew that he'd been a good boy and that he'd win.

"The way Max moves his ears, knowing all the good things you're saying about him ... he knew he would win," one viewer wrote.

"Max knew it was his week! He was posed so majestically!" another wrote.

"I feel like Max knew it was coming," a third wrote.

If you'd like to stay up to date on their Pet of the week, they do it every Friday!