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Mum of four's unusual hacks for 'keeping costs down' when Christmas gift shopping
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff

Mum of four's unusual hacks for 'keeping costs down' when Christmas gift shopping

Now that's a date we wouldn't imagine to start shopping from!
6 October 2022 12:06PM

Just quickly putting it out there Christmas is in less than three months and I know most of us have already started shopping for Christmas. With cost-of-living and everything in between, an early start only seems beneficial.

We have to admit Aylin, mum of four is definitely ahead in her game as she started her shopping on the very next day of Christmas. Yes, she starts her shopping on 26th December on Boxing day, unusual yet very smart! 

People wait for Boxing day to buy certain stuff they have been wanting, but buying for Christmas makes sense too, although it does feel way too early. Less than twelve hours since Christmas ended and you're already shopping for the next one- but hey no judgment here. Go Aylin!

Christmas is the festival of giving and receiving gifts and it can be difficult when you have a family. More than ever, parents have been finding a way to keep the festive feel going during these expensive times. The all-of-a-sudden buying in December can have a massive impact on the budgeting for the month or week.

Aylin shared a video online talking about her handy tips to get a stress-free Christmas.

She said: "My biggest tip is always going to be to start on boxing day." 

"You can buy so much more stuff to put away for next year like toys, gift sets, any of it."

Aylin and her partner Jeff keep a box where they store anything that they pick up on Boxing day and throughout the year until Christmas so everything is out of sight from their kids.

"I’ve always tried to keep costs down at Christmas and birthdays since my first was born seven years ago. I do find the closer it gets to Christmas the more expensive everything is" Aylin told Fabulous. 

"I start on Boxing Day every year, not necessarily for toys because I know their likes and dislikes change but for things like gifts sets, pyjamas and generic gifts" she continued. 

The mum of four also suggests shopping secondhand to grab some "serious bargains". The mum explained how the kids never cared if they were brand new or not.

"By doing it this way the children end up with more presents and I end up spending less so everyone’s happy". 

"I know that not everyone agrees to secondhand presents but we do in this house" she explained. 

Aylin recommends Facebook Marketplace, charity shops, and Op shops for the best bargains. 

"It's good for the pockets and good for the environment" she added.

Her next tip is "don't set the bar too high". 

If money's tight, she suggests having a conversation with family and being open about it.  If anyone wants to buy for them, she asks them to just buy for the children. 

"So we do this every year, we say to family we're just gonna buy for the children, the family and we don't expect you to buy anything for us" she said. 

The fourth tip she gave is "shop the toy sales all year round". 

Lastly, she suggested comparing prices when you want to buy something. For instance, if you're buying a particular toy your daughter likes, the prices may vary in different stores, so compare and get the best deal.