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How to know if your pets are experiencing hay fever
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The Good Stuff

How to know if your pets are experiencing hay fever

Here are some signs that you should watch out for your four-legged furry friends this spring!
4 October 2022 2:40PM

Dogs and cats can both experience hay fever just like us humans in spring. So it's important to look out for the symptoms during this time of the year. Hay fever could be very uncomfortable and it may require medical help.

Your pet may love to roll on the grass, and this may increase the irritation even more if they're already experiencing hay fever.

Unlike us, their hay fever allergies tend to show up more on their skin than on their eyes and sinuses.

The symptoms to look out for are:

Rash, sores or flakey skin that your pet can't stop scratching/nibbling/rubbing. It's more visible around your pet's face, armpits, ears, belly, paws or their tail.

Other symptoms that your pet may experience are weeping eyes, runny nose, sniffling, wheezing or even painful ear infections, while they don't get any rash on their skin.

Reports have shown that dog breeds like Cocker Spaniels, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers are most sensitive to hay fever than others. 

If your pet has any hay fever symptoms, visiting the vet is always your first step. They can then proceed to confirm if it's hay fever or infection, virus or parasite. 

If it's hay fever, the vet may recommend medications for your pet like antihistamines daily or soothing creams to relieve the itch. They may suggest bathing, trimming, or brushing your pet daily to remove allergens from their hair. Avoiding walks through fresh-cut grass where there is a high pollen count in the air, may also be advised.