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Experts reveal how often you need to change your bed sheets
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff

Experts reveal how often you need to change your bed sheets

This new clean sheets calculator gives you a personalised recommendtion on when to change it
28 October 2022 10:30AM

Apparently there are nearly 53,000 online searches every year when it comes to finding about how often bed sheets need to be washed. The search peaks high in January every year!

With many people wanting to start off with a new year resolution and wanting to stick with it, it seems like many want to start with a better hygiene goals.

A report showed that 1/3 of the Brits washed their sheets only once a year while the Americans changed it in 24 days on an average. 

The experts have taken it into their hands and have created a 'Clean Sheets' calculator that calculates and lets you know when you need to change your sheet next based on its usage and your personal lifestyle. 

So the factors that it depends on includes things like how many times you shower, if you sweat when you sleep, whether you share your bed with your pet, and whether you eat food on your bed. 

"The truth is that most of us don’t wash our sheets every week, and that’s totally fine. We wanted to create a tool that reassures people that it’s OK to leave a little longer between your bed washes," Molly Freshwater, founder of Secret Linen Store said.

"How often you wash your bedsheets is completely dependent on how much usage they get, which is why we created a calculator to give people bespoke bed washing advice based on their individual habits," she added. 

According to this new innovative calculator, people who shower often and don't spend a long time lounging in bed, don't have pets and sleep in full pyjamas could leave their sheets for much longer - up to a month without changing.

 But if you do have your pets up in your bed, eat on your bed, and based on your other personal lifestyle,  it's likely you could either be recommended a one or two week change.

They even give some bedding suggestions along with your result of how often you should change your sheets.