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Woman shares her natural and free cleaning hack that she swears by
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff

Woman shares her natural and free cleaning hack that she swears by

Who would've thought this would clean pots so well!
23 September 2022 5:54PM

When it comes to doing the dishes, there is almost nothing worse than having to scrub pots and pans. (Well apart from scooping soggy food out of the plug hole!)

While there are tens of products on shelves that claim to help get the grime and build up off of our dirty pots and pans, one woman has discovered a solution that is 100% natural and best of all - it's free!

Sharing on a closed Facebook page, one clever Australian mum has showed off her before and after pics after scrubbing with dirt.

Yes - DIRT!

"I finally tested out the dirt method, so easy!," shared Grace.

"What’s Dirt? Can you post a photo," asked another social media user.

"Just dirt from my backyard where my dogs dug a hole 😂", replied Grace.

"I just used a sponge 😊 but I have just tried steel wool and detergent mixed with vinegar and had no luck... at least not as quick as this worked", Grace shared.

Other social media users have gone crazy since Grace shared the before and after photos of her dirt power clean.

"Ohh I wonder if it’ll work for my oven 😂", commented one.

"I would have never thought of this omg thank you so much", added another.