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Woman's custard square recipe using only three ingredients goes viral
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The Good Stuff

Woman's custard square recipe using only three ingredients goes viral

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1 September 2020 8:33AM

A bakery staple, the humble custard square is a deliciously sweet treat which marks the childhood for many Kiwis. 

But if you've shied away from making your own because regular recipes online would have you think it's too difficult - we have the recipe for you. 

Shared to private Aussie Facebook group 'Mums Who Cook and Bake', Australian woman Nikki Robertson revealed she planned to whip up a "vanilla slice" using only three ingredients: thickened cream, Arnott's Lattice biscuits and vanilla-flavoured custard mix.

The Aussie mum calls it "vanilla slice" but of course, here in New Zealand, it's known by its rightful name - the custard square. 

All you have to do is line a baking tray with baking paper and place the packet of Lattice biscuits shiny side down. 

Beat together the cream and pudding mix, being careful not to overbeat the mixture or it will curdle.

Pour the mixture evenly over the biscuits, before topping with another layer of Lattice biscuits. 

Put in fridge overnight so mixture sets, then serve. 

The group's fellow cooks offered their tips, with many claiming two packets of custard mix are better than one. 

"I use these products, and find the biscuits easier than pastry," one commenter said.

"Make sure you have your Lattice biscuits ready because it thickens really quickly," suggested another.

"I just dust with icing sugar when finished."

"I've used these ingredients and OMG! I ended up eating the whole lot!" another replied.

"I just made this too, (served) with passionfruit icing. They are so good," added another.