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First memorial statue of Queen Elizabeth II unveiled in the UK with crowd of corgis watching

First memorial statue of Queen Elizabeth II unveiled in the UK with crowd of corgis watching

There's even little statues of her beloved dogs!

To celebrate what would have been her 98th birthday, the first post-humous memorial statue of Queen Elizabeth II was unveiled in the UK this weekend. 

Hundreds gathered outside a library in Oakham, Rutland for the big moment and many brought along their pet corgis, the breed Her Majesty was famously a big fan of. 

The 2.1 metre-tall statue even features a couple of the beloved pups, one sitting by the feet of a young Queen Elizabeth, who is dressed in standard royal attire and standing on a pedestal, while two more puppies are at the base. 

Lord-Lieutenant of London Dr Sarah Furness commissioned the statue after her local community deeply felt the loss of England’s longest-reigning monarch.

“The response to HM Queen Elizabeth's death in 2022 was extraordinary,” she said, as reported by Oakham Nub News. "Tributes poured in from residents all over Rutland expressing their sense of loss and respect for such an extraordinary woman and monarch.”

“People felt personally bereaved and Rutland's loyalty to our late Queen is beyond doubt. The permanent memorial unveiled today is an appropriate and desirable tribute from and for the people of Rutland now and in the future."

"The statue enhances the area around the library and incorporates a fun element with a Corgi peeking out from the Queen's robes and another two at ground level in front of the plinth,” she added.

According to The Telegraph, nearly 50 corgis were in attendance for the unveiling, many belonging to the Welsh Corgi League, who showed out in style for the big moment. 

When Her Majesty passed in September of 2022, many Corgi owners on social media shared that their little pups were acting differently. They said their pets had a terrible time, from "lying on the laps" of their owners more than usual to having difficulty sleeping.

It's safe to say Rutland might have to be on the itinerary for the next England trip!