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The corgi community felt the loss of the late Queen

Corgi owners share how their pups are behaving 'differently' as they mourn Queen Elizabeth II

The passing of Her Majesty was felt across the whole corgi community

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Corgi owners around the world have taken to social media after concerns that their pets have been "behaving differently."

Members of the Facebook page UK Corgi Club claim that their poor dogs haven't been handling the late Monarch's death very well.

These corgis have had a terrible time, from "lying on laps" of their owners more than usual to having difficulty sleeping.

"Has anyone else's corgi acting differently now that Our Majesty has passed?" asked one worried owner.

Another responded: “Ours has been culled up on our laps ever since the news broke which is unusual. It’s almost like they know, God bless the Queen.”

“Mine are upset about the Queen's passing but excited about the new Prince and Princess of Wales. Also, we're very relieved that the Yorks are looking after the Queen's corgis as we were going to offer,” wrote a third concerned owner.

Don’t worry it isn’t all doom and gloom on the pet page. One owner tried lightening the mood by joking “It's confusing for all corgis, it's difficult enough for them having to understand English rather than Welsh and now mourning doesn't even mean breakfast time.”

Another owner offered just the right explanation to ease their pet’s confusion.

“When speaking of the Queen's passing to corgis, use Welsh to avoid confusion. Morning - boreu. Mourning - galaru."

I feel like I’m more confused now!

According to Today, Queen Elizabeth II had two corgis and one cocker spaniel at the time of her passing and it’s said the two corgis will relocate to live with Prince Andrew's family at their Windsor residence.

Whether you think it’s crazy or not, it’s safe to say the corgi community has definitely felt the weight of the passing of the Queen.