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People are not happy with Tatler's new portrait of the Princess of Wales

People are not happy with Tatler's new portrait of Princess of Wales

Someone asked if the artist is a child, others branded the portrait as "unflattering".
23 May 2024 12:36PM

Just a week after the official King Charles portrait was unveiled, Tatler magazine released their new cover with a portrait of Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales.

See the portrait below and you can understand why some people are unimpressed. The portrait takes inspiration from the princess' outfit when she attended the State Banquet at Buckingham Palace in late November 2023, wearing a long white dress, a blue sash with red and white stripes, a yellow brooch and a tiara.

Many commented on Tatler's Instagram post with negativity towards the portrait.

This is insanely bad. Like 8th grade level

At first glance, I thought it was the Japanese Empress Masako 😐 - carolinacarolbela

Who is making decisions on these commissions? The portraits are getting weirder and weirder. This is quite amateurish, does not resemble HRH. Considering what she’s going through, I guess this will give her a good chuckle. - beauty_tips_glow_up

A very poor portrait which totally fails to represent the beauty and elegance of the Princess of the Wales. - scotland247

I see we aren't choosing artists based on talent anymore. The Princess of Wales deserves better than this.. - stephaniemallett

as a pro artist the idea is nice but it's such a bad painting.

- tamagoren

The portrait was painted by British-Zambian artist, Hannah Uzor, who had been criticised online with many commenters describing the portrait as "horrible", "ghastly", "awful" and many other choice words.

One even claimed that a child could've been responsible for this portrait.

Although it was not an official portrait from the royal family, it was commissioned to Uzor by Tatler for their July issue. 

"It's been really interesting for me to get a sense of who she is," Uzor told Tatler. "The process for painting this portrait, apart from studying the photographs and the videos, is actually coming up with a sketch... particularly looking at her expression was really key. I've done several sketches trying to capture her expression. And once I'm happy with that, I can then proceed to figure out what she's going to wear. "

"This outfit that I chose was particularly striking. It made her look very regal and very confident. And alongside of that - definitely colour. Colour is one of the most important things in a work of art because it can really speak to the atmosphere. And the colour I chose was something that really compliments Kate Middleton's green eyes."