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Woolworths NZ is getting rid of kid's lollies from checkouts - is it overdue or overkill?
In Aotearoa
In Aotearoa

Woolworths NZ is getting rid of kid's lollies from checkouts - is it overdue or overkill?

No more negotiations for treats after shopping.

Woolworths NZ is removing the temptation of sweets from their checkout shelves, whether we like it or not.

Following in the footsteps of their Aussie counterparts, the Kiwi supermarkets are making a big change - 80% of the checkout shelves will now be dedicated to items boasting Health Star Ratings (HSR) of 3.5 or higher.

But, the burning question is: will this change prove to be a beneficial one or is it taking things a bit too far?

“We’re certainly not telling anyone what they should be putting in their trolley, but by upping healthier options and moving less healthy choices into aisles, hopefully it makes it that little bit easier,” Deb Sue, Woolworths NZ nutritionist and registered dietitian said.

We're all a little guilty of offering the great joy of getting a special treat to our kids/grandkids after they've trundled around the supermarket for an hour, but does this change mean that'll become a thing of the past?

Deb continued: “Our hope is that removing products targeted at kids at the checkout will be a welcome change for parents and caregivers and means they don’t need to deal with the end-of-shop negotiations from their little ones."

“Even better, with our Free Fruit for Kids bins at the front of every produce section, they can fill our smallest customers up on free fruit at the front of the supermarket, It’s all part of our commitment to making healthier easier for Kiwis,” she added.

So, is it a checkout overhaul or checkout heaven? It's still up for debate, but one thing's for sure - it's one we’ll be keeping an eye on.