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Keep your bananas fresh
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The Good Stuff

Keep your bananas ripe for up to 15 days longer with this super simple water trick

Save your next bunch of 'nanas - and your wallet.

Ever had that frustrating feeling of buying fresh fruit only to watch it transform into a sad, mushy mess before it even gets to your mouth?

It's like your hard-earned money is taking a nosedive down the drain. Well, hold onto your fruit baskets, because there's a nifty trick floating around the foodie world that might just save your next bunch of bananas - and your wallet.

Those lovely yellow fellows have a knack for going from prime to overripe faster than you can say "banana split", but what if you could extend their shelf life for up to a whopping 15 days?

People on social media are whispering about a magical water method.

All you need to do is dip their stems in water, and voilà - fresh 'nanas to last you an extra couple of weeks. Imagine it's like giving your bananas a little pool day.

Just ask @that40yearoldguy, who bravely embarked on a banana adventure to test this hack out. He took three bananas, plopped their stems in water, and left the other trio to fend for themselves.

Twelve days later, the results were as clear as day: the water-soaked bananas were only just beginning to brown, while the others had turned into floppy mess worthy of a compost bin.

"Look how shrivelled up these [non-water] ones are compared to these [water-soaked] ones," he chuckled as he flaunted the difference in bunches.

The comment section was a goldmine of banana-related humour, with people declaring it was "banana bread time" and confessing their cycle of "buy-banana-forget-repeat."

Others offered their handy hacks to keep their bananas fresh, with one suggesting a similar method but instead of soaking the stalks in water, "put tin foil on the stems".

"You gotta keep them apart. Bananas know when others are rotting," wrote another.

While a third said: "Let your bananas ripen to the point you like, then put them in the refrigerator. The skins will blacken, but stay that same ripeness for a week or longer."

So, the next time you're faced with the dilemma of the rapid deterioration of fruit freshness, remember this trick: your bananas might just need a spa day or a fashionable wrap to stay at their prime.