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This rediscovered Cobb & Co training video is the epitome of 80's Kiwi cuisine
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In Aotearoa

This rediscovered Cobb & Co training video is the epitome of 80's Kiwi cuisine

Take a trip back in time to the golden era of NZ dining
3 May 2023 1:25PM

Cobb & Co is an iconic New Zealand restaurant chain that has been serving up classic Kiwi fare since the late 1970s. For many New Zealanders, Cobb & Co is synonymous with family dining and hearty meals, making it a beloved institution across the country. Now, a recently rediscovered training video from 1985 has given us a fascinating glimpse into the world of Cobb & Co during the height of its popularity, and it is truly the epitome of 80's Kiwi cuisine.

The video, which was uploaded a while ago to the Cobb & Co YouTube channel, was recently rediscovered by The Spinoff and dubbed "disturbing" by their staff writer.  However their staff writer also admitted they had only visited a Cobb & Co once in 2016 - which was not the golden era for restaurants like this. They are the generation who missed out on Pizza Hut's buffets, the massive Valentine's Restaurant butter sculptures, and the portions that couldn't be matched behind the double red door at Cobb & Co.

The training video begins with Cobb & Co sales and advertising manager Robb Brecht, who explains their updated menu is part of the "most exciting changes in Cobb & Co since 1973 (the restaurant's launch)" and their company's strong focus is on "quality in food, quality in presentations and quality in service.” 

Which then launches into a time capsule of their drinks, menu and desserts from 1985. From their $9.95 wine list, to their dishes garnished with an iceberg lettuce leaf, one slice of orange and a pluck of parsley.

Effective instructions also accompany many shots of their dishes. From “All soup should be stirred before pouring into the bowl, two-thirds full” to "minutes steak & salad is now garnished with two onion rings".


And while the iconic Traffic Light drink doesn't appear in the video, there's still no shortage of cocktail umbrellas in all the desserts!

Take a trip down memory lane and watch the full training video below: