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From a cup of boiling water to lard: These flu cures from people in 1959 are mind-boggling
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The Good Stuff

From a cup of boiling water to lard: These flu cures from people in 1959 are mind-boggling

A salty and sweaty sock tied around the neck!?

Nowadays catching the flu can most of the time be solved with a bit of rest and some over-the-counter medicine, but years ago people were... drinking boiling water?!

That’s just one of the crazy flu cures suggested by members of the UK public back in 1959.

The BBC Archive shared a video from over six decades ago in which everyday people were asked how they go about curing a cold. Aside from the boiling water, other supposed solutions include tying a sweaty sock around the neck, a mustard and lard combination, goose grease (a very popular suggestion), a tub of lemonade, elderflower, onions and more. 

Some of these are definitely ones I’m not willing to try, but other ones are still common today. I know when my Dad gets sick he’ll try a shot or two of whisky to try sharpen up. Staying in bed and resting up for a couple of days will probably never go out of the treatment handbook. 

Commenters on the video were fascinated and entertained to have a glimpse into the past, with some people taking note for the next time they fall ill and others sticking with modern remedies. 

“This is wonderful,” one person wrote. “I wish I could sit and talk with all of them. Lots of wisdom there to be learned and shared.”

“I've never had sweaty socks in my life,” another said. “When I've had the flu, I couldn't lift my head off the pillow and the thought of boiled onions would make me vomit. I'll stick with paracetamol and honey and lemon.”

“I have told people of the sock remedy and they thought I was a nut job,” a third added. “Glad to see yall know your history! It sounds flipping weird, but it was a really common tactic back then.”

“Absolutely love this,” one more shared. “Pragmatism in the UK at its best.”

I’ve got to agree with the second comment - just paracetamol and sleep for me!