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Bluebird is bringing back some classic Kiwi flavours and do we love or hate these?
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff

Bluebird is bringing back some classic Kiwi flavours and do we love or hate these?

Are these the flavours you would have picked?

It’s Bluebird’s 70th Birthday and to celebrate they’re bringing back two iconic Kiwi flavours chosen by kiwi chip lovers.

It was decided by a vote on Blue Birds Facebook page that as of next month supermarkets up and down the country will be stocked up with the classic Bacon chippies as well as the good ol’ Lamb and Mint - ooo they’re a goody!

I mean both flavours will be going down a treat at our end-of-summer BBQs. I can’t resist a good combo chippie so the comeback of Lamb and Mint has my name written all over it!

Bluebird senior brand manager, Natalie Johnson said: "We're excited to be celebrating 70 years of Kiwis' favourite chip brand, Bluebird. We had an overwhelming response to our social media call-out and know Kiwis will be happily snacking on these nostalgic limited-edition flavours. There's no better way to celebrate our milestone.”

"Bluebird's birthday is an opportunity to celebrate our Kiwi heritage, our farmers, our customers and of course, our fans, and we have a range of other exciting activities planned over the coming months."

According to Bluebird’s heritage, the chip company had an incredibly humble beginning in 1953 when young entrepreneur Les Saussey began selling potato chips at Western Springs Speedway, Auckland. 

Saussey's chips immediately gained popularity, and soon extended the range of options to include our go-to flavours Salt & Vinegar, Chicken and of course the OG Ready Salted.

The two fan-favourite chip flavours will be available down your local snack aisle for a limited time as of March 6.