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Kmart’s $22 saucepan named best in country by Consumer NZ, beating other pans worth up to $280
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Kmart’s $22 saucepan named best in country by Consumer NZ, beating other pans worth up to $280

Now that sounds like a bargain.

Consumer NZ tested thirteen saucepans available to New Zealanders and a $22 K-Mart pan took out the top spot over far more expensive alternatives. 

The top-rated saucepan is the $22 Anko SS Saucepan. In second place is the $270 Essteele Saucepan. That’s a whopping $248 difference! I know what one I’d go for. 

To find out which saucepan is the best, Consumer NZ cooked up some scrambled eggs in each saucepan to assess the evenness of the cooking. They also noted how much food stuck and how long it took to boil one litre of water. They ranked the pans on “the balance and weight of each saucepan, how comfortable the handle is, how easy it is to pour”, and how easy it is to clean.

Both the Anko and Esteele saucepans received 99 and 100s for performance and evenness of cooking respectively. However, the Anko beat out the Esteele in the water boiling speed and ease of use categories (98 and 68, respectively, compared to Esteele’s 95 and 58). 

James le Page, Consumer NZ’s test team leader, likes both pans but has an inkling the price tags will play a role in which will be the more popular item. 

“We recommend both these pans,” he said, as reported by Stuff. “But with a staggering price difference between products which both perform perfectly well, the Kmart saucepan may prove to be a popular purchase this summer.”

“In this instance, the $24 Kmart saucepan is made from stainless steel and has a durable handle - indicating not only that it will perform well, but it should also go the distance,” he continued. “It’s not unusual for our testing to throw up some great-performing cheaper products.”

Last year, Consumer NZ ranked 55 laundry detergents based on their ability to remove a few different types of stains, including everyday filth, grime on collars and cuffs, grass stains, olive oil, and tomato stains - ‘Persil: with a touch of comfort’ came out on top with a score of 91/100 and a price tag of $6.50 (at the time).