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Consumer NZ reveals the best scoop of chips in the country
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff

Consumer NZ reveals the best scoop of chips in the country

Handy to know this summer!

Consumer NZ have been on the hunt to find the town and store with the best value hot chips in New Zealand.

The survey found the best value scoop is at Moerewa Takeaways in Northland. One scoop cost $3.00 and weighed over half a kilo. 

“We don’t actually weigh our chips, just scoop them. When people buy bigger orders, we give them extra chips. And sometimes the school will order $50 of chips, so we probably add another five scoops.” Moerewa Takeaways owner Tiki Pedro said.

Across the country the average price of a scoop was $3.59, and costs ranged between $2.50 and $4.60. 

Consumer NZ found that Northland was the cheapest region to buy a scoop of chips and the second cheapest region was Hamilton. The most expensive scoops were found in Auckland and Tasman. 

“It can be hard to know exactly how many chips you're going to wind up with when you order a scoop." Consumer NZ head of content Caitlin Cherry said. 

"We’ve found that small towns tended to be more generous with their chips. Not all scoops were created equal with price differences and quantities varying greatly from chip shop to chip shop."

So keep this in mind when you're hunting hot chips this summer!