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This ‘savage grandma’ is going viral for ranking her grandkids on a board
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The Good Stuff

This ‘savage grandma’ is going viral for ranking her grandkids on a board

Grandma Mary even got interviewed by the news for her ranking system!

There’s nothing quite like a grandma’s love, however, there’s also nothing quite like how this grandma shows her grandkids who’s her favourite.

Comedian Dan LaMorte shared a TikTok of his granny’s ranking board. In her living room for all the family to see, the wall hanging, wooden board has ‘Family’ written in cursive up top, as well as the numbers one to ten with a photo of each grandkid next to each number. 

In the video, Dan quickly explains how it works before telling the camera he’s doing the best he’s ever been in Grandma Mary’s eyes. 

“I’m number four, which is the highest I’ve ever been,” he says. “I did just get two new tattoos though, so I’m a bit nervous about what that’s going to do for my ranking.”

Dan then shows the new ink to his Granny, who lets out a big gasp when she sees them before making an adjustment to the rankings.  

“This is what I think of your new tattoos,” she says as she takes Dan off the number four spot and sticks him at the bottom number ten spot on the board.

Hey, at least she’s honest!

The TikTok has gained almost 250,000 likes since it came out last month and even drew the attention of a local news station, who Mary and Dan.

After the interviewer asked Mary if there’s any element of truth to the board, she replied: 

“Yes, I think so, a little bit, maybe more than a little bit.”

Dan also said that plenty of people “take it very seriously”, and those people even gave Mary a nickname. 

“There’s a majority of people who do not think it’s real, they really think it’s a terrible thing,” he said through laughter. “They were calling her a ‘savage grandma’.”

It all just looks like a bit of light-hearted family fun! Good on Grandma Mary for enjoying herself and keeping her grandkids in check.