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Survey reveals the 10 things adults wish they could do freely in public
The Good Stuff
The Good Stuff

Survey reveals the 10 things adults wish they could do freely in public

People should do (most of) these!

2,000 adults in the UK were surveyed on what they wish they could do in public if no one were to judge them for it, and the results are definitely relatable. 

OnePoll completed the survey, and they found that the top three things adults wish they could do without being judged are: complimenting a stranger; going to the cinema alone; and walking down the street while singing loudly.

Other behaviours included walking in bare feet, doing yoga, and dancing in the street. 

Here’s the whole list:

1. Compliment a stranger
2. Go to the cinema alone
3. Walk down the street singing loudly
4. Tell someone they love them
5. Listen to something without headphones
6. Fart or burp openly
7. Walk barefoot
8. Do yoga stretches in the park
9. Adjust your underwear
10. Dance in the street

Peperami, a protein snack manufacturer, commissioned the poll as a way to initiate more positive, out-of-the-blue behaviour.

Pavan Chandra, the Head of Marketing at Peperami, told Good News Network that people should want to experience new things and be more spontaneous as it makes life a bit more exciting. 

“We as a nation are traditionally known as being a bit stiff and reserved,” Chandra said, talking about the UK. 

“However, if everyone went outside of their comfort zone once in a while, they’ll start seeing the fun and exciting side of life.”

“We want to encourage people to let go of their shyness and do what they want more freely without embarrassment,” Chandra finished. 

We think that people should definitely do more of the things on this list!

There’s nothing wrong with dancing in the street, complimenting strangers, or watching a movie by yourself. They should take a page out of us Kiwis' book and give walking in bare feet a go. Number six on the list you should only do when there is no one else around.