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Here is the genius hack to efficiently water the roots of your plants
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The Good Stuff

Here is the genius hack to efficiently water the roots of your plants

The easy hack only requires two household items!

We all hate the chore of watering the ridiculous amount of house plants that we’ve added to the collection over the years, right?

Well, a garden lover has posted his handy hack to TikTok to help you water your plants more efficiently.

@joesgarden posted to his account sharing: “how to water your plants, the easy way,” and it includes something you might already have in your kitchen.

Joe shares that all you need is a plastic bottle and a nail.

You’ll then want to poke around three holes into the lower sides of the bottle using the nail. 

Obviously, the more holes you poke, the more water will transfer from the bottle into the garden.

Now we get to the point of the watering device. Dig a little hole into the dirt surrounding the plants that need watering.

Bury the bottle to the neck, leaving the top exposed above the dirt because this is where your filling point will be.

This isn’t Joe’s only handy hack. He also shared another brilliant way to easily take care of feeding your plants.

This time it only requires a terracotta pot and some blu-tack.

Similar to the hack above, you want to dig a hole for the ideal watering to take place. 

Before placing your terracotta pot into the hole you will want to plug the bottom hole with the blue tack.

Once that’s done, you can place the pot into the hole and fill it with water.

Place a lid over the top to prevent mosquitos, and there you have it, thanks to the porous pot, you’ve got yourself a self-watering system.

It seems like Joe has all the tips and tricks to keep our gardens under control, I’ll be giving this one a go over the weekend.