Kiwi woman goes viral around the world for her epic avocado saving hack

Food 07/02/2020

A New Zealand woman's nifty hack has given her global fame after she posted it on the internet.

The Kiwi mum, Cherry Gaddes, was after a 'greener' way to perserve her avocado and decided to try out a lettuce leave as a sort of avo cover.

And lo and behold - it worked!

Writing on Facebook Cherry said, "I sort of accidentally discovered that I have been throwing away first class food wrap,"

"Lettuce leaves, primarily the outer ones that are a bit harder, make for excellent food wrap. They're designed for that purpose in the first place."

To prove how efficient it was, the woman shared an image of her green avocado, saying that it had been sliced open a week ago. 

"It was all good for today's breakfast. Incidentally, lettuce leaves even keep bread buns fresh," she said.

"The news came as pleasant surprise to those who came across the solution on Facebook.

'Wow, this is really awesome," one woman responded.

"Oh my god who would have known this? I'll have to try it," said another.