New Zealand's favourite cake flavours revealed

Food 31/07/2019

A UK leading range cooker brand, Leisure, has conducted a study to reveal the world’s favourite cakes in each nation.

They did this by intensively researching global search engine results.

With 394,050 monthly average searches, Chocolate Cake tops the global list. This rich cake is the most searched for treat in 81 different countries.

But here in New Zealand, it was the humble banana cake that took the crown for the most searched for cake at a monthly average of 12,100 times.

See the full list of New Zealand's favourite cakes below. Followed by the world's favourite cakes. Does you favourite cake make the list?

New Zealand's top 10 cakes:

1. Banana cake

2. Chocolate cake

3. Carrot cake

4. Vanilla cupcake

5. Lemon cake

6. Red velvet cake

7. Sponge cake

8. Chocolate cupcake

9. Hummingbird cake

10. Apple cake

The world's most popular cakes

1. Chocolate cake

2. Red velvet cake

3. Carrot cake

4. Banana cake

5. Pineapple upside-down cake

6. Black forest cake

7. Icecream cake

8. Bundt cake

9. Lemon drizzle cake

10. Sponge cake