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Prince Williams says his son Prince George is a huge fan of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC

Prince Williams says his son Prince George is a huge fan of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC

Do we have a future royal rock star on our hands?

Prince George is a huge fan of rock bands AC/DC and Led Zeppelin.

The nine-year-old son of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ advanced musical taste was revealed by his dad as he and his wife met revellers at the ‘Big Lunch’ event on The Long Walk in Windsor a day after King Charles’ coronation.

Caroline Mulvihill, from the Rock Choir in Windsor and Maidenhead who spoke to William, 40, said: “We were talking about the kind of music we do in Rock Choir and Will was telling us in their household they have a very diverse music taste and George is very much into AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. It was quite interesting to hear that.”

George had played his first major ceremonial role at his grandfather’s coronation as a page of honour.

Along with chatting to royal fans and posing for selfies, Princess Kate, 41, was also seen picking up a Union flag for a child who dropped it.

The crowds also gave three cheers to the couple, while the princess was heard telling well-wishers about Charles’ coronation on Saturday at Westminster Abbey: “I hope you had a good time as well.”

William was also heard jokingly asking crowds if they had brought alcohol with them to celebrate.

The prince also asked children who performed in shows at Windsor how it went while Kate asked them what songs they played and complimented them on their Union Jack face paint.

Charles’ favourite music is said to be classical, while his late mother favoured show tunes.