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NZ PM Chris Hipkins gives Prince William special gift from Aotearoa as the two meet at Windsor

NZ PM Chris Hipkins gives Prince William special gift from Aotearoa as the two meet at Windsor

Prince William returned the favour with his own gift for our Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins met Prince William at Windsor Castle, where the two exchanged gifts. 

A photo of the two of them was shared on The Prince and Princess of Wales's social media accounts. They can be seen having a chat in the historic castle with smiles on their faces. 

“Pleasure to welcome Prime Minister of New Zealand Chris Hipkins to Windsor this afternoon,” the caption alongside the photo reads. 

Hipkins told RNZ his royal chat consisted of some important topics before they swapped gifts they could pass on to their children. 

“A good wide-ranging conversation on everything from renewable energy to how to deal with the challenges of adaptation and building more resilience into our systems as a result of climate change,” he said. 

“We exchanged some gifts for each of our children, which was very nice. He gave me a Paddington Bear and some books for my kids and I gave him some pounamu for his,” he shared. 

Our Prime Minister will be kept busy while over in the UK. Not only will he be meeting the King while in London, but will also meet other royal family members and Rishi Sunak, the UK’s Prime Minister, at the famous 10 Downing Street. 

Former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern met with King Charles in September of last year when she was attending Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. RNZ reported that the two had a ten-minute conversation, during which Jacinda expressed her deep sadness at the loss of Queen Elizabeth. 

King Charles’s coronation will take place at 11 am on Saturday, 6th of May (10 pm Saturday NZT) at Westminster Abbey. For the first time ever, the public will see the exact moment a British monarch is anointed, in the past it has been hidden from public view.