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The Queen's corgis waiting at Windsor Castle

The Queen's corgis and favourite horse join procession to say 'final goodbye'

The Queen was known to love and cherish her animals
20 September 2022 8:32AM

As Queen Elizabeth was farewelled by the world, the Queen's two beloved corgis and her favourite horse also waited to say their final goodbyes.

The Queen, who was known for her love of animals, made her final journey to Windsor Castle where thousands of people and Emma, the Queen’s Fell Pony, stood watching from the Long Walk in honour. 

As her coffin procession made its way to St George's Chapel, the Queen's final resting place, her beloved corgis Muick and Sandy were brought out at her arrival.

The young dogs, one on a red lead and one on a blue lead, were watched by two red tailcoats, and were seen patted by Prince Andrew who had gifted the dogs to her.

Sandy and Muick were the final dogs the Queen owned before she died, having owned over thirty corgis in her lifetime.

It's said Andrew and ex-wife Sarah, the Duke and Duchess of York, as well as their two children, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, have taken care of the corgis since her passing.

During one of Prince William's walkabouts last week in London, a mourner asked the new Prince of Wales if he could do 'her a favour' and give the Queen's pups some love.

“I saw them the other day,” he told the woman during their brief interaction. “They’re going to be looked after fine. They’re two very friendly corgis and they’ve got a good home.”

He continued “They’re being looked after very well—spoiled rotten, I’m sure.”