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Princess Charlotte coached Prince George through royal protocol during Queen's funeral

Princess Charlotte coached Prince George through royal protocol during Queen's funeral

The 7-year-old was praised for her composure during the day's events
20 September 2022 9:55AM

The Prince and Princess of Wales should be very proud of how well their two eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, paid their respects to their beloved 'Gan Gan' during the Queen's funeral today.

Princess Charlotte, who is 7 years old, was spotted whispering to her 9-year-old brother about royal protocol as the Queen's coffin was transferred from the Gun Carriage to the State Hearse at Wellington Arch, following the State Funeral.

BBC TV caught the young girl leaning over to George to tell him "you need to bow" when the Queen's coffin drives past.

Royal fans pointed out there were similarities between Charlotte and her great-grandmother as Charlotte pointed with her finger during the exchange, a habit similar to Queen Elizabeth's. 

Prince George did follow his sister's advice as he bowed his head in respect, as Her Majesty's coffin began to drive off towards Windsor Castle.

Commentary from the public on Twitter praised the two young royals and how they conducted themselves during the emotional day. 

"Well done to George & Charlotte who behaved impeccably. Proud to be #British," said one viewer.

"Prince George and Princess Charlotte setting the example of kids participating in the service :-)," a second mentioned.

"Prince George and Princess Charlotte are a credit to their parents. At 9 and 7 years old to sit still and quietly for that long…well I’m 38 and I’d struggle without fidgeting," another added.

Today marks the first time that Princess Charlotte, wore a formal hat and diamond horseshoe-shaped brooch, said to be gifted by her great-grandmother