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Prince William reveals his sweet nickname for Princess Charlotte

Prince William reveals his sweet nickname for Princess Charlotte

Although some royal watchers believe it isn't.

Fans of the royals are convinced they have discovered the special nickname Prince William has for his daughter Princess Charlotte.

The revelation came during the royal family’s recent visit to the Chelsea Flower Show in London, where Kate Middleton helped create the “Back to Nature” garden.

In a video shared by Kensington Palace, the father of three plays with both Charlotte, 4, and Prince George, 5.

The video release marked the first time the royal family have voluntarily released such intimate moments of their children to the public.

While most of the video is subtitled, an exchange between the Duke of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte is not.

When William appears after playing with George, he calls Charlotte over to “give (him) a push” on the rope swing.

“Mignonette?” he asked her, prompting her to respond: “Yes?”

“Mignonette” is derived from the French word “mignon”, which means “cute” — “mignonette” means “dainty” or “darling”.

Other's believe that it wasn't a unique nickname and instead Prince William asked his daughter “Have you been on this yet?” in reference to the swing which acts as the garden’s centrepiece.

Watch the video above and make the call yourself!