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Bradley Walsh finally gave the perfect question to a contestant on The Chase

"It’s happened, it’s actually happened!"
22 May 2023 3:33PM

After 14 years, the perfect question has appeared on The Chase - and ironically, the contestant didn't even know the answer!

The popular quiz show, which asks contestants general knowledge questions before putting them up against a professional quiz "Chaser", often uses the word 'pass' as a way to move on from a question they don't know the answer to.

So it was only a matter of time before 'pass' could mean more than just a skipped question!

Contestant Fintan was in the middle of his speed round when he was asked the following question: "In computer security what word can go before 'code,' 'phrase' and 'word?'"

Confused and stumped, Fintan couldn't recall the answer, so he simply said "pass".

Amazingly this was the correct answer, which left host Bradley Walsh happily baffled.

Laughing at the end of the round, Bradley said in response: "It’s happened, it’s actually happened. The word ‘pass’ is an answer. You jammy so and so!”

The answer helped Fintan collect another $1000 towards the potential prize pool and has brought a lot of joy to people who watched the clip online.

"His face when he said correct!" laughed one comment, while another user shared "Task failed successfully."