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Prince Harry to drop more bombshells following 'Spare' in TV interview airing in NZ tonight

Prince Harry to drop more bombshells following 'Spare' in TV interview airing in NZ tonight

Is there anything more that he could possibly reveal?

A series of TV interviews may open the floodgates for more bombshell information to be spilled by Prince Harry after the accidental early release of his memoir last week. 

With the first of the series of interviews airing in New Zealand on Three tonight, Harry could be adding to the serious bombshells that were revealed in his book.

The book titled ‘Spare’ was released 5 days earlier than its planned release in Spain. The shock of majorly personal encounters and details of the life of the Royal has rocked the media and it’s no surprise that it has taken over our news feeds. 

Harry’s book has had royal followers in a spin after new allegations of conflict and disagreements within the family have been aired out by the Prince. 

According to People, The Duke describes many inside details into moments of discord within the family including a tough brawl with his older brother and heir to the throne, Prince William. 

He also claims that both he and William begged their father not to marry the now Queen Consort, Camilla after the death of their late mother Princess Diana.

The book also goes into more intimate and personal details such as how he lost his virginity, took drugs and claimed to have killed 25 Taliban soldiers during his time as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan.

From his 2021 interview with Oprah to the more recent six-episode Netflix series, it’s clear that Harry is still holding a grudge toward the Royals, and his book has made that statement even clearer. 

At the time of writing, there has been no comment on the book from Buckingham Palace or any spokesperson for the royal family.

In an ITV interview that aired in the UK today, Harry revealed that the process of telling his side of the story in the multi-million dollar book and Netflix deals has been “cathartic” but also “painful”.

Tonight at 7:30 pm NZT the first of a series of “tell all” TV interviews with Prince Harry will air on Three and from the sound of it there’s potential that we could be hearing some more shocking revelations from the Duke himself.