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Adorable video of dog captured on motion activated security camera goes viral

The video has gone viral for all the right reasons!

This video will make your day!

A funny yet adorable video of a dog has gone viral for all the right reasons. In less than 24 hours, the video has already been watched 8.3 million times. We definitely have contributed more than a hundred views out of the 8.3M views. 

"Motion activated home security camera working as intended" was captioned with the video of a dog being captured on the security camera. 

The confused look on the dog's face as the camera follows his movement will guarantee you a chuckle or two or even a big laugh!

At first, the security camera just shows the view outside the window, and after it detects some movement from the side, the camera follows along and reveals a close-up of the dog with his little paws. 

He blinks and seems very confused probably looking at the device moving on its own. The confusion on the face continues and the adorable head tilts follow along right after.

Watch it below. 

A viewer shared a photo of their cat's confused look staring right into the security camera.

If you can't stop re-watching the above video, we just want to let you know that according to science, watching cute animals is good for your health!