Watching cute animals online is good for our health, says study

health 29/09/2020

We love watching an adorable animal video - and it turns out it's beneficial to our health!

A study conducted by the University of Leeds and Western Australia Tourism has found watching cute animals may contribute to a reducing stress and anxiety.

19 subjects (15 students and four staff) were examined while watching images and videos of adorable animals for 30 minutes, evaluating how the cute content affected blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety.

"There were some kittens, there was puppies, there were baby gorillas. There were quokkas. You know -- the usual stuff that you would expect," Dr. Andrea Utley, an associate professor at the University of Leeds, told CNN.

The test was done during their December exam preparations, when stress is often at its most high.

In all cases, the study saw blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety go down in participants, 30 minutes after watching the video.

"I was quite pleasantly surprised that during the session, every single measure for every single participant dropped some -- heart rate reduced, blood pressure reduced," Dr Utley said.

"When they left, they filled the questionnaire in again and indicated that they were feeling less anxious."

The study found that most preferred subjects preferred watching video clips over still images, particularly of animals interacting with humans.

So if you're stressed right now, here's a video of a quokka, the "world's happiest animal" for you to enjoy!