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Five tips to help prevent browning of houseplant leaves

Dry air stresses out your houseplants!

Plant parents, even if you're new to the game or have been one for a long time, sometimes you're not sure how to avoid the leaves of your houseplants to turn brown. 

The leaves have probably turned brown due to the air in your house or office. When the air is too dry for the plant,it stresses them out, and hence the brown leaves.

Most houseplants are from regions of the world where humidity is high. But our air-conditioned and heated homes, offices, make them too dry or just the air being dry results them in getting stressed. 

Here are five tips from David Brittain, Kiwicare to help prevent browning of your houseplant leaves:

  1.  Water your houseplants as soon as the potting mix becomes dry. 
  2.  Regularly mist your houseplants. 
  3.  Occasionally take your houseplants outside for some rain. This will water them, freshen and wash the leaves. 
  4.  Re-pot your houseplants. When you don't re-pot, the growing roots get constricted. Constricted roots can mean the plant is stressed because it is unable to uptake the water efficiently. 
  5. Remove the leaves with browned off tips or edges. This will encourage fresh new growth.

Plant parents know the worries that arise when going out for a holiday and especially when no one's going to be home. 

Well, here's a great way to make sure your plants get their daily dose of water even when you're not around.