Woman shares her secret for lush and green houseplants - banana skins!


If you're a plant parent who is always keen on making their plant babies look as green and lush as possible, this simple hack is for you!

The hack has gone viral after Facebook blooger 'The Pantry Mama' shared it on her page.

"Hands up if you love indoor plants?" she wrote.

"Here’s an easy way to give them a boost! Pop a banana skin in a jar of water. Leave for 24 hours and then feed water to your plants (skin can go in the compost). My plants are so lush & green."

When asked how often the hack should be done, this is what she had to say...

"Every few weeks is ok. I have over 50 plants so I just make a batch every time someone eats a banana and then pop the water into which ever plant needs a drink."

If you're struggling to keep your plants looking fresh and lively, maybe this hack is worth a shot!