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Vinegar could be a key ingredient to keep your plants healthy, says plant experts

Vinegar could be your plant's new best friend!
8 August 2022 9:07PM

Even if you're a long-time plant parent or a first-time, knowing exactly all the care instructions for all your house plants can be difficult. And regardless of what the plant species are, there are some natural hacks that can help any of your plant babies thrive, and this 'vinegar' hack is of them. 

According to plant experts from Balcony Garden Web, you don't have to rely on just one simple ingredient that can boost your plant's health, there can be others. 

They claim that adding a few drops of vinegar helps keep the plants look at their best. 

Although vinegar is mainly used for cooking, it has multi-purposes like cleaning and apparently, it's good for your plant babies too. 

Vinegar helps lend a hand when fighting mould, promote germination and help get all that vital nutrients. 

In a study conducted at Capiz State University in the Phillippines, they found out that vinegar sped up the time of the germination of eggplant seeds. 

You can do this by mixing a tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of water. Next, soak the seeds in this solution for 12 hours. And directly after the seeds have been soaked for 12 hours, plant the seeds as you normally do. 

In order to get rid of white moulds on plants, mix two tablespoons of vinegar with 3.7 litres of water, and shake them so it combines well. Then simply spray it on the affected area of the plant. 

However, this isn't something you should do all the time, as overdoing it will make the soil too acidic and eventually kill your houseplant. 

To benefit acid-loving plants, such as ferns, mix one tablespoon of white vinegar into a litre of water and then water your plant as usual.