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The Crown to make five prequels with a grand budget, after season 6 ends
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The Crown to make five prequels with a grand budget, after season 6 ends

The Crown season six is the final season
8 August 2022 9:07PM

If you were sad about 'The Crown' ending after season six, here's some good news for you. 'The Crown' has been reportedly getting five prequels with a whopping budget of NZD $954 million. 

It has been claimed that writer Peter Morgan is working hard on several spin-off series. 

The prequel to the Crown will start with the death of Victoria in 1901 which will also include the scandal of Edward VIII falling for Wallis Simpson.

The prequel is likely to be based on the reigns of Edward VII and VIII and George V and VI, and span for five decades. The budget will be split into five for all five seasons. 

"This is a bit like 'Star Wars' where the opportunity is to extend the franchise by dipping into history. It is going to start with the death of Queen Victoria and will run up to around about where 'The Crown' began, which was with the wedding of the Queen in 1947", a source said. 

"Netflix are really keen to make more of The Crown and Peter Morgan is excited by the possibilities of the era."

"At the moment Peter covers about ten years per series, so on that basis there will be five new series of 'The Crown'."

"Peter has started writing outlines and plans are being made for filming."

Last year, the creator of the show revealed why season six is the final season and he said he "can’t write something" unless there has been 10 years since the real-life events. For further information check here.

'The Crown' Season 5 will be released in November this year!