'The Crown' TV creator reveals why they're ending after season 6

Must See 05/07/2021

Fans of Netflix's show based on the royal family are eagerly awaiting seasons 5 and 6. But in a recent interview, the exec producer has revealed why season 6 needs to be the final season.

They explained that the creator of the show, Peter Morgan, has said he "can’t write something" unless there has been 10 years since the real-life events.

"Peter has said it very articulately, that he simply can’t write something unless there has been time to gain a proper perspective." the producer said.

"And I think he’s always felt 10 years is the minimum amount of time that he can see something in a historical context, to allow him to really understand it. I don’t think he’ll deviate from that," the source continued.

"We all know these stories, but what Peter does so brilliantly is get underneath that, and understand the landscape in a more nuanced, complex, surprising way."

"The minute he starts trying to do that sooner, it will inevitably feel contrived or artificial. So, although this has been an absolute career highlight for me, it will absolutely be time to move on."

There is currently no release date for the final two seasons. Season 6 is set to take us through to the early 2000s and the wedding of Charles and Camilla.