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One in four pet owners have a separate social media accounts for their beloved animals

We love grabbing any chance to show off our doggos and cats!
8 August 2022 9:07PM

New study shows that one in four pet owners have created social media accounts for their cats or dogs. Many of these pet accounts (89%) have more followers than their owners' personal accounts.

Out of the pet owners who created a separate social media accounts, 35% set it up to show their beloved animals off to the world. While 34% of them enjoyed positive reactions when posting their pets online.

42% of adults admitted uploading many photos of their dogs and cats on to their own personal accounts 'filling their own social media feed'.

"It's evident that pets are the nation's pride and joy" said Steven Mendel, CEO and co-founder of a pet insurance company who commisioned the research.

The research also discovered that 40% of pet owners have more snaps of their pet then do themselves. 

And we'd love to give a special shoutout to the pet owners posting their adorable videos and photo online. It doesn't just warm our hearts but it's also good for health. According to science, watching cute animal videos is good for health, so keep them posting!