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Lady Gaga responds cleverly to claims she stole the song 'Shallow'

Lady Gaga responds cleverly to claims she stole the song 'Shallow'

Lady Gaga is not backing down.

Last week, Lady Gaga became the latest big name artist to be accused of copying their hit song from another artist.

Gaga wrote the song 'Shallow' for her hit 2018 film 'A Star Is Born' - but now a musician named Steve Ronsen has claimed Gaga copied the track off him!

Ronsen released the song 'Almost' back in 2012 and now wants to 'get to the bottom of this' with Gaga.

In a statement from Gaga's lawyer, she brilliantly shuts the claims down...

"Mr. Ronsen and his lawyer are trying to make easy money off the back of a successful artist. It is shameful and wrong" the response began.

"I applaud Lady Gaga for having the courage and integrity to stand up on behalf of successful artists who find themselves on the receiving end of opportunistic claims such as this."

"Should Mr. Shiran proceed with this case, Lady Gaga will fight it vigorously and will prevail."

Sounds like Gaga is not going to take this one lying down. Knowing how seriously Gaga takes her music - we're sure this is just a coincidence! 

You can listen to Steve Ronsen's song 'Almost' below and compare for yourself!