Lady Gaga accused of "stealing Shallow" from small, unknown songwriter

music news 09/08/2019

Lady Gaga has been accused of "stealing" the song we all know and love well - Shallow. 

The song, which earned Lady Gaga a multitude of awards, including Grammy & Oscars, is apparently a rip off of the 2012 song 'Almost', written by Steve Ronsen.

Ronsen is the one who has brought the claim to light.

The Blast has reported that the nine-time Grammy-winning artist has been threatened legally over a three-note progression that is a base of the tune for Shallow.

Ronsen claims that these have been taken from his song Almost, which has less than a thousand streams on Soundcloud in five years.

The notes in question are G, A, B, which are also seemingly used for the chorus of Shallow and Ronsen is demanding 'millions of dollars' as a settlement.

Gaga has hired New York attorney Orin Snyder to fight the claim.

Eek! Fingers crossed the person who is in the right wins this one.