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I tried the viral 'Crema di Caffe' whipped coffee using an empty bottle - here's how it went
In The Kitchen
In The Kitchen

This easy 'Crema di Caffe' whipped coffee recipe is the next summer treat

An easy dessert to whip up for your next dinner party!

Summer is (hopefully) on the way, and that means iced coffees will be everywhere.

While we will still be ordering our usual iced lattes, there's a new viral trend making waves online, and it appears to be an easy, and more importantly, a delicious treat. 

Enter 'crema di caffe', an indulgent way to enjoy coffee cold. While it's nothing new for Italians, a video of the recipe on TikTok has been viewed over 7 million times - and it definitely caught our attention!

As the name suggests, this is basically 'coffee cream' and it's definitely more of a sweet treat than a replacement for your daily coffee. Whip this out (that pun will make more sense in a second) when you have people around for dinner and they will devour it  - trust me. 

Three ingredients, one empty bottle - super easy and delicious, and I know this because I made it myself. 

Crema Di Caffè Recipe: 

Step 1: Grab a decent shot of espresso 

Step 2: Add a few spoons of powdered sugar to the hot coffee, then leave it to chill in the fridge 

Step 3: Pour it into an empty  bottle and fill it half up with cream

Step 4: Shake till it changes from a "sloshing" to "slapping" sound and serve

I spooned mine into a glass and dusted it with some cocoa powder. And can we please appreciate how beautiful that presentation is?

Am I in the wrong profession? Am I a food photographer now? Or a chef? 

,I can confirm it was absolutely delicious and super simple. Plus, according to the comments, it can be made with vegan creams like cashew or coconut for the dairy-free people amongst us. 

According to some Italians in the comments, it's traditional to actually freeze this mixture and eat it like ice cream, so I'm definitely going to try that variation next!

On the other hand, one commenter said they "shook too hard and made coffee butter", so there's that. 

Is it just me, or does coffee butter sound kind of yummy?