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Expert warns of dangerous chemical in Pyrex measuring jug
In The Kitchen
In The Kitchen

Expert warns of dangerous chemical in Pyrex measuring jug

She warns it's not in all Pyrex measuring jugs, but it is best to check!

A US expert has issued a warning to Pyrex measuring jug users after testing the common household item for dangerous chemicals.

The expert, Tamara Rubin, has also issued warning for vintage Tupperware and the vintage Corningware casserole dish in the past and now she has revealed the disturbing level of Cadmium - ‘a known possible carcinogen’ - found in one of the Pyrex brand’s vintage measuring jugs.

Sharing the results on her hugely popular website Lead Safe Mama, Tamara revealed how the Pyrex vessel she tested recorded more than eight times the safe level recommended by some authorities.

And while the child health advocate isn’t sure of the model number or year of manufacture of the Pyrex measuring jug, she’s warned that ‘cadmium does not belong in our cookware.’

She writes: "When tested with an XRF instrument this glass Pyrex measuring cup had the following readings:

  • Lead (Pb): Non-Detect/ND [Negative]
  • Cadmium (Cd): 326 ppm [in the red writing on the outside of the glass.]

"Cadmium is a known possible carcinogen and does not belong in our cookware."

You can read her full diagnosis of her report here.